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Get Schooled: 5 Ways to Save Money as a College Student

School is back in session and that means new classes, books, and…extra expenses. As a young student with a limited income, college can be a big financial burden.

PCS Debt Relief recommends educating yourself with these money-saving tips for the upcoming college semester:

Fill Out FAFSA Every Year

FAFSA is the key to your financial aid in college. If you do not fill it out, you likely will not get any financial aid. Most people do not realize that, even if you don’t get grants or scholarships one year, your financial situation could change and perhaps you will qualify for aid in the future.

Save Money on Textbooks

One of the best free tools on a college campus is the library. The library supplies textbooks, computes, technology resources, printing services, and digital equipment to rent.

The National Association of College Stores (NACS) reports that the average college student will spend $655 on textbooks each year but with a single textbook easily costing as much as $300, that total can easily be much higher. If you are a student on a budget, save the money on textbooks by spending more time in the library.

If you have a job and can’t use the free resources on campus, try a cheaper option. Buying the digital version or a used copy of a required textbook can save you money. Many textbooks now offer digital versions that are the fraction of the cost of a hard copy.

But sometimes, a textbook has just been updated and there won’t be used copies for sale. In this case, you will not save money up front, although can make back money after the semester. There are many college stores and websites that will buy your textbooks from you, so they can resell them. You can also sell them yourself on sites like Ebay to get more money.

Take Advantage of School Amenities

With your tuition fees, you are paying for certain amenities that you should use. Many college campuses have great gym facilities. Ditch your gym membership and start using the one on campus.

There are also several free events held on campus every day. Save money on happy hour and outside entertainment by attending a free show in the theater or sitting in on a free concert outside. Make sure you pay attention to the student calendar to stay updated on when these fun events are happening!

Ask for Student Discounts 

Many places offer student discounts but very few people ask about them. Typically, you just have to show a student ID or use your email login to take advantage of these deals. Popular companies like Adobe, Amazon, Hulu, Microsoft, and various restaurants offer student specials. Auto insurance companies will also offer a discount to students who maintain good grades. You have nothing to lose by asking if an establishment offers a discount to students.

Save Money on Transportation

If you live on or near campus, you probably don’t need a car. By selling your car or leaving it at home, you can save money on car insurance and gas. Check if your campus has free or discounted transportation options. Depending where your university is located, you can use ridesharing apps, trolleys, subways, busses, or trains to get where you need to be. A bike is an affordable alternative to a car, and while living close to campus might be more expensive rent-wise, do the math and make sure the savings of living closer offset the cost of a commute.

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