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Credit card debt settlement is also known as credit card debt forgiveness, credit card debt reduction or credit card debt negotiation.  All of these focus on the same thing – negotiating with the credit card companies to accept less than the total amount of debt owed.

For example, a credit card balance of $20,000 may be negotiated down to $8,000 which is paid to the credit card company within an agreed upon period of time.  The remainder of the $12,000 is forgiven.


Key Benefits of the PCS Debt Relief Credit Card Debt Settlement Program:

  • No upfront or monthly fees – we get paid after you get debt relief
  • No early cancellation penalties
  • No forced escrow
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Ability to get out of debt faster – in as little as 6 months!

Credit Card Debt Relief Savings

Here are a few examples of how much credit card debt we eliminated for some of our clients:

  • Stephen E. saved…….. $117,514
  • John W. saved………..….$56,124
  • Christina M saved….…….$46,185
  • Jessie C. saved….……….$32,596
  • Mary E. saved…………….$57,092
  • Chris C saved…….….….$131,603
  • Jared F saved………..…..$75,109

Consumer Credit Card Debt Settlement Case Study

Client Name: Diane P. St. Charles, MO

Debt Amount: $75,000

Savings: $45,000

Payoff (including fees): $33,000

After going through a rough divorce, Diane became unemployed for a year. While unemployed, she was forced to use her credit cards to cover her monthly expenses. After finding a new job she found it difficult to pay off her high interest rate credit cards. She consulted with a PCS debt analyst, who after analyzing Diane’s situation and goals, was able to tailor a program that would resolve her credit card debt in 14 months. Diane no longer has any credit card debt and is able to save more each month for her family and retirement.

“PCS Debt Relief really listened to my concerns. They were personable, friendly, and didn’t charge me a dime until my debt was reduced.”

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What Are The Fees?

PCS Debt Relief fees are based on how much we reduce your debt.  We don’t charge any upfront fees or monthly fees, and only collect once a credit card account is settled and finalized.  Our fee is contingent on finalizing a deal and is based on how much we save you so you can be confident we are working hard to get your debt as low as possible.

 What is the PCS Debt Relief Credit Card Settlement Process?

Step 1        Talk with a PCS Debt Analyst – Free consultation to review your current situation

Step 2        Your PCS Debt Analyst will create a free Credit Card Debt Settlement Plan

                      which provides you the details about the anticipated reduction of your debt.

Step 3        Your  PCS Debt Analyst will negotiate settlements

                     working on your behalf with each of your credit card companies.

Step 4        You will pay the negotiated settlement to the credit card company

                     within a specified time period.

Step 5        You will pay PCS Debt Relief fees based on the amount the debt was reduced.

Step 6        The credit card debt obligation will be closed and you will enjoy being credit card debt free!

The Top 4 Concerns Our Clients Have About Debt Settlement – Answered


Negotiating a good settlement requires working with a debt relief company that is experienced with debt settlement negotiations and has a strong track record of success.

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