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Debt Settlement Done Right!

Debt settlement programs involve the debt relief agency negotiating with the creditor on behalf of the debtor. The goal of the negotiation is to convince the creditor to allow the debtor to pay back a settlement instead of the full debt amount. This results in a lump sum that is less than the actual debt. Through debt settlement programs you must have a certain amount set aside to pay the creditor the amount upon the due date.

If you are in over your head with debt and making minimum payments, you should consider a debt settlement or a debt negotiation program with PCS. We do Debt Settlement the right way by offering a NO Up-Front Fee Policy, NO monthly fee payments and NO cancellation fees!

“We are performance based – you don’t pay us until we have helped you decrease your debt.

If you are not sure whether entering a debt settlement program makes sense with your financial situation, give us a call. We will walk you through ALL your options so you can make the right choice.

Imagine a life where you are no longer handcuffed by how much you owe, and can slowly and surely start working your way back to a healthy financial future.

Debt Negotiations Completed For Past Clients

We Work With All Major Creditors!

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Name of Creditor Debt Amount Settlement Amount Savings Savings Percent
Bank of America 10,854.66 2,720.00 8,134.66 75%
Bank of America 22,995.21 3,449.28 19,545.93 85%
Chase 14,436.00 4,043.00 10,393.00 72%
Citi 9,531.00 2,382.92 7,148.08 75%
American Express 9,167.46 4,583.73 4,583.73 50%
Discover 9,167.46 4,583.73 4,583.73 50%
Wells Fargo 4,060.03 1,400.00 2,660.03 66%
Estimates are based on past results and individual results may vary, including the ability to save sufficient funds to complete your program, the creditors in your individual portfolio, and underwriting guidelines. Examples of statements made of past performance, which are not intended to be a guarantee of any future settlement results. When you contact PCS Detb Relief we will attempt to understand your situation and determine whether you are qualified for our debt resolution programs.

The Top 4 Concerns Our Debt Settement Clients Had – Answered