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PCS Debt Relief believes each client’s debt situation is unique. By providing numerous debt management options under one roof, our clients have the opportunity to explore and understand all the possible debt relief solutions available. We will go over all the debt relief options that could be used for your personal financial situation and help you understand how each option can help you get out of debt.

We are here to help you every step of the way. One key factor that sets us apart from our competitors is our clients see debt relief before any payment is received for our debt relief services. Our no up-front fee, no cancellation fee, and no monthly fee policy assures our clients that we are focused on their success.  Our programs include unlimited advising sessions over the phone or in person to ensure that our clients feel comfortable and informed during the length of the program.

A Debt Relief Company You Can Trust!

With over 30 years of combined experience, a Better Business Bureau A+ rating, and a zero complaint history, you can feel confident that PCS Debt Relief will be a debt relief company you can trust.

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“After my first telephone conversation with you Anisa, I knew you were the really listening to my needs. Thank you for the prompt phone calls, great negotiated offers, and overall amazing service. You will never know how drastically you changed my life.”
Steven M., Chicago, IL
Thank you for reducing my Chase balance by 80%. I finally can see some relief now. I am forever grateful.
Matt H., San Francisco, CA
Bill, the bankruptcy attorney was wrong. Thank you for showing me that and guiding me the right way. I was so close to making a big mistake.
Amanda S., Perryville, MO
These creditors were controlling my life and there were times it didn’t make sense living. I can take back my life thanks to PCS!
Sondra R., Portland, OR
I’m in shock, 3 out of my 4 accounts are already closed and it’s been less than a year. I never though I would be able to get out of debt this fast. It’s nice to see people who really do the job they promise. I’m so glad I found you all.
Maria D., Dallas, TX
Thanks a million for your wisdom and patience. Keep up the good work! I would like to take a moment to let you know how appreciative I am of all your help. I haven’t experienced being debt free for longer than I care to remember. I can’t thank you enough.
Brent J., St. Louis, MO
I am still in shock that you saved me 75% on my Bank of America account. I feel like a ton has just been lifted off my shoulders. When you sent me an email of the negotiated offer, I was literally dancing around my office in happiness. I hope this email makes your day, because you have truly made mine.
Shawna K., Fenton, MO
I want to give a big “thank you” to PCS Debt Relief’s staff for all of their outstanding service. Being with your company for only 6 months, you have already exceeded my expectations. Thanks for settling my Chase account at 35 percent, a tremendous savings amount. I’m already recommending you to my closest friends.
Lynn D., New York City, NY

Debt Negotiations Completed For Past Clients

We Work With All Major Creditors!

Bank of America

  • Settlement Amount:  $3,449.28
  • Savings $19,545.93
  • 85% Savings


  • Settlement Amount:  $4,043.00
  • Savings $10,393.00
  • 75% Savings


  • Settlement Amount:  $4,200.00
  • Savings $6,813.00
  • 62% Savings

Citi Bank

  • Settlement Amount:  $2,382.92
  • Savings $7,148.08
  • 75% Savings

American Express

  • Settlement Amount:  $4,583.73
  • Savings $4,583.73
  • 50% Savings