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What are your debt relief options?

Overwhelming emotions arise from debt. The feeling of anxiety and hopelessness causes frantic behavior and uninformed decision making.

You, however, are trying to make the right decision and have researched your options by visiting websites like Michael Bovee’s Consumer Recovery Network website.  You have some answers but many more questions.  Now it’s time to sit down with a debt advisor that can help you sort through all that research to find the best debt relief option for you.

We believe that every situation is unique so we sit down and talk with you about your current debt levels, your goals, your concerns and your preferences for handling your debt. We then walk through the options and provide you the pros and cons for each option based on your specific debt situation.

We discuss ALL options so you can be confident you have the information you need to make a debt relief choice.

There is no fee to find our what your best debt relief option is.

We do not charge any fees for advice.

Why would we give away free advice? Because our mission is to help individuals understand their debt relief options so they can get out of debt as quickly as possible and back to a financially stress-free life. We know that research can’t always answer all of your questions and you just need someone to help sort through it all.

We have extensive experience helping individuals and businesses get out of debt and are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau so you can be confident you’re in good hands.

Talking with us is Risk Free – Why Wait?

And, if you need assistance that we are unable to provide we will give you references that share the same client-focused approach we use.

These are some of the debt relief options we will discuss:

A Debt Settlement Program which involves the debt relief agency negotiating with your creditors on your behalf. The goal of the negotiation is to convince the creditor to allow you to pay back a settlement instead of the full debt amount. This results in a lump sum that is less than the actual debt. Through debt settlement programs you must have a certain amount set aside to pay the creditor the amount upon the due date.

Debt Consolidation which requires you to combine all of your debt into one debt. Debt consolidation usually requires an interest and points on your credit history. Unlike other plans, debt consolidation is less forgiving when a payment is late. But unlike other debt resources debt consolidation can provide certain tax advantages.

Debt Management is a formal agreement between you and the creditors. It is any program that helps you manage and pay off your debt at a reduced level over a period of time. The plan offers to lower monthly payments to creditors and erase late fees on accounts.

Credit Restoration is also called credit repair and focuses on disputing the accuracy or verifiability of account information in your credit reports.

Bankruptcy is typically a last resort but can solve your financial burden.  We are not bankruptcy attorneys but if this is the best option for you we will connect you to a reliable and experienced bankruptcy attorney.

You’ve done the research,

now let us help you start relieving your debt!

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