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Turned down for home loans, automobiles, department store cards, or even gas cards? PCS helped thousands of people with credit restoration.

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Our primary program is our premier credit restoration program provided through United Credit Education Services which is owned and operated by FES. In addition to the credit repair program we also have the following core financial services.

Financial Services:

These programs are all core financial programs that everybody should have but unfortunately statistics show that most don’t. Our missions as a company is to help educate consumers on the importance of these basic programs.

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PCS Debt Relief is a partner of United Credit Education Services, and does require a down payment for the credit restoration services. Please watch the video for details on the credit restoration program.

Credit Restoration With PCS

The system in the US for measuring credit worthiness is built upon reasonably sound principles, but this does not follow that all individuals’ accounts are reported accurately. Poor credit worthiness can cause stress and uncertainty. If you are concerned that your credit score might be affecting your ability to borrow money then it is best to seek advice and guidance from credit repair agency such as PCS Debt Relief. Enlisting in bad credit repair is like throwing your money on the curb as performed by inexperienced companies who want to take the easy way out. Good credit repair is done manually and not by cookie cutter letters sent by bad credit repair companies.

There are a number of reasons why your credit report might be inaccurate, misleading or simply false; one of the most common reasons is simple error. For example, financial irregularities including missed credit or loan payments, to serious accusations of bankruptcy or foreclosure have often been entered incorrectly or towards the wrong individual. This could have been as a result of the registry receiving inaccurate information from a financial institution or even because of a confusion relating simple data entry mistakes. In certain cases, excellent credit repair agencies are able to create sufficient doubt over an entry to help improve credit score of individuals. This will usually be possible when the lending agency is unable to produce sufficient documents and evidence to back up the information contained in its filing.

A full overview of your credit report problems by PCS Debt Relief will lead to the following steps in the process of credit restoration:

  • A thorough review of the credit reports kept by all of the major reporting agencies.
  • From this, it will then be possible to fully understand the problems and develop a plan to address these. Entries which are disputable will be isolated and you will be advised about possible ways of removing these and confronting the problems of the justifiable entries.
  • The next stage will be the process of negotiation which might last for a few weeks or even a couple of months. This is when the substantive work is carried out. The experience of the credit repair agency at this stage is extremely valuable to the overall procedure. This will include work on disputable entries as well as, in appropriate cases, work carried out with justifiable entries, primarily to decide whether their gravity could be reduced.
  • If required, the process can include plans and advice to help pay-off past due accounts that have a remaining balance.

When considering the possibilities offered with an improved credit rating, it is well worth bearing in mind that a less favorable report might not simply represent the difference between being approved or declined for credit. Some lending agencies might just use the information in order to decide upon the cost of lending the money to you (i.e. they will fix their interest rates accordingly). Therefore, particularly when you are borrowing a substantial amount of money, for example at the purchase of a house or car, you will find the interest rate of the loan is crucial in justifying the purchase. It is always best to get your credit fixed prior to these types of purchases, as you will have a better hand in getting a lower interest rate when applying for the loan.

Each case will be different according to each individual’s credit report. This is why it is clearly important to seek the advice of trained experts who consult clients on their bad credit on a day to day basis. PCS Debt Relief, leader in debt relief services, is an excellent place to begin setting your mind at ease with credit restoration. By speaking to them, you will get unbiased and knowledgeable advice regarding the credit restoration options available to you. Their satisfaction guarantee and promise ensures you will be taken care of in overcoming your debt. Explore your options today by calling 636-209-4481 to receive your free advising session with a honest, trustworthy credit repair agent– the first step on your path to a higher score.