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Government Regulation of Business Forcing You to Bankrupt?

Is Your Business Surviving?

One in three small businesses in the United States are concerned with government regulation of business forcing you to bankrupt or go out of business all together. Small-business owners have stated in polls that their biggest challenge in the last two years has been government regulations. According to studies, American business owners believe that regulations enforced by the United States government is detracting from their growth. Government regulations on businesses are heavier now then in the past few years.

Government Regulation of Business is Bad!

The increasing regulations equal increasing cost. The majority of small-businesses find it difficult to stay afloat with out the addition of regulations. The further increase on the government regulation of business has been unfair and inefficient for the small business owners of the United States. The regulations encumber small businesses more so then corporate ones. Many business owners are finding themselves hindered with growth and creativity of their business.

Government Regulation of Business

The rising small-business regulatory burden is unreasonable, because the regulatory compliance has a high fixed cost, causing small-businesses to face a larger per-employer cost to follow. Not only does it have effects on the business owners, it has adverse effects on the economy.

By lowering the employment and raising the cost of activity, causing domestic companies to be less competitive, resulting in businesses transferring to overseas regions with more lax regulations.

Many business owners have sought out financial avenues such as loans, to pay for the regulation cost. The accumulated interest on the loans is making it difficult to nearly impossible for the owners to pay the borrowed money in a timely manner.

During stressful times, it is easy to be forgettable of resources and assistant. Don’t let stress cloud your better judgment. Do you research and look into alternatives before making an erratic fiduciary movement.

Small-business owners need to be aware of the resources and programs offered to them. The state and federal government have funded training programs to help establish, educate and strengthen domestic business to help with the government regulation of business.

If you are having trouble with the paying for government regulation of business or facing bankruptcy, seek the help of our reputable staff. Allow someone to help you brainstorm, negotiate and find a solution to what ails your business.

Our staff understands the importance of nourishing your business; we would like to assist you in continuing the development of your business and deal with the government regulation of business. We are here to help you find resources and financial plans that can help you thrive as a business owner.

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