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PCS Debt Relief has helped many individuals avoid bankruptcy by saving substantial amounts on their credit cards, vendors, collections and judgments.

Understand All Your Consumer Debt Relief Options!

At PCS, our debt relief programs are tailored to your individual financial needs. Our consumer debt relief programs are the best offered, hands down.

We offer a No Up-Front Costs or Fees Policy making our debt relief agency the best and most trusted. We do not charge a dime until your debt has started decreasing, assuring you that we are here to help you with your debt situation.

We charge NO Consultation Fees and no early cancellation fees and we provide unlimited access to free advice. That is what makes us stand out above the rest. Clients love our consumer debt relief programs and leave us glowing reviews.

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Our Debt Relief Services Include:

Consumer Debt Relief Case Study

Client Name: Diane P. St. Charles, MO
Debt Amount: $75,000
Savings: $45,000
Payoff (including fees): $33,000

After going through a rough divorce, Diane became unemployed for a year. While unemployed, she was forced to use her credit cards to cover her monthly expenses. After finding a new job she found it difficult to pay off her high interest rate credit cards. She consulted with a PCS debt advisor, who after analyzing Diane’s situation and goal, was able to tailor a program that would resolve her credit card debt in 14 months. Diane no longer has any credit card debt and is able to save more each month for her family and retirement.

“PCS Debt Relief really listened to my concerns. They were personable, friendly, and didn’t charge me a dime until my debt was reduced.”

Spend less time dealing with your debt, and more time on what’s more important to YOU.