A Debt Relief Company You Can Trust!

With over 30 years of combined experience, a Better Business Bureau A+ rating, and a zero complaint history, you can feel confident that PCS Debt Relief will be a debt relief company you can trust.

We are headquartered in St. Louis, MIssouri and offer our debt relief services nationwide.

(636) 209-4481

PCS Debt Relief offers Credit Repair and will help you with harassing creditor phone calls.

Will Lenders Loan to me After Debt Settlement?

Will Lenders Loan to me After Debt Settlement?

The short answer is yes, absolutely. Creditors are strong believers in second chances. It is in their best interest after all. You will be able to borrow and it is important to diversify your types of credit accounts in order to repair your credit quickly after debt settlement. To get started we need to prove your worthiness to borrow responsibly.

The best […]

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Affordable Credit Repair, No Matter How Much Debt You Have!

PCS Debt Relief – Offers Affordable Credit Repair

Are you looking for fast, effective, affordable credit repair services? Are you tired of being turned down on home and auto loans because of a poor credit score? Credit Repair with PCS Debt Relief is here to help. We understand that it is all too easy to damage a credit score that takes what seems like an eternity to build up. One missed payment or one wrong financial […]

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