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How to Turn Trash into Treasure

It is not uncommon to sell gently used or unused items sitting around your house to make some extra money. In fact, it has become commonplace to sell clothes, accessories, collectibles, and other items online to trade in something that is collecting dust for cash. PCS Debt Relief offers our best tips for turning trash into treasure to gain some extra dollars over the summer.

Rummage through Your Closets

Sometimes, you do not know exactly what you are looking for when you set out to sell some of your old things online. Clean out your closets to find any unused items that you could sell. Smartphones and popular apps have made it effortless to take pictures of your goods and post them for sale. Make sure to find a temporary home for these items to keep your home clean and organized, as listings do not always sell immediately.

Meet with an Appraiser

Before you host a yard sale, check with a local appraiser to determine the worth of potential high-value items. For instance, do you have valuable artwork, jewelry, or collectibles sitting around that you forgot about? They could be worth much more than the price you would list them for in your front yard.

Be Patient and Stay Safe

Chances are, you won’t find treasure overnight. Getting the best prices on your items and finding reliable buyers can take time. What may be trash to you, could very well be treasure to someone else. Set yourself up for success by being patient and understanding that finding the right person is going to take time. A little bit of patience could be worth the potential profit!

Remember to stay safe when selling your items online. Some people are not willing to pay shipping and prefer to meet in person to exchange their cash for your goods. Make sure to meet at a public place that is well lit and has a lot of foot traffic.

Keep an Organized List

One of the best ways to stay organized when selling your items online is to make a list. Track what you have sold and what you still want to sell. It can be incredibly rewarding when you can see the amount of money you have made from your entire list, especially if it has taken you quite some time to sell your items.

If you are using more than one app or source to sell your items, then it can also become difficult to keep track of them. Make sure to also include where you posted your items. Not all consumers use online apps like Letgo to sell their goods. Some also use mail-in options or even Facebook Marketplace to list their potential treasures.

Using the Extra Cash

Depending on how much extra cash you collect from selling your goods, you can use it to repay some of the debt you owe, put it in your savings account, or even treat yourself to something new by reinvesting the money in yourself. Be practical when selling your items and do not try to clean out your entire house by selling all your goods online.

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