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Put the “V” in Value This Valentine’s Day

Love is out of control this month and so are flower and candy prices. Valentine’s Day can be a financially costly holiday depending on what you plan on doing with your significant other.

If you are looking for some fun and financially friendly date ideas this is the list for you:

Eat For Less

You may want to go out to eat on Valentine’s day to show you care about your partner. However, restaurant reservations fill up quickly and the price of an entrée and drink at a fancy place can be costly. Instead of going out to eat, you could always cook a wonderful meal at home which would save on the expenses of dining out!

If eating at home is the norm for you and your partner, try planning a picnic. It can be romantic and financially friendly for Valentine’s Day. You’ll save on the costs of paying admission if you go to a public park or nature reserve and can design the meal yourself.

Just remember to take all your trash with you!

Pizza’s (and specifically heart-shaped ones) are an inexpensive and fun meal to enjoy with your partner on Valentine’s day! Most pizza places should be able to create a heart-shaped one when requested!

Get Outside and Get Active

 Getting caught up with work and other obligations can lead to laziness and a lot of “Netflix and Chill”. If your normality is indoors, getting outside can be a special adventure for the romantic holiday.

Hikes are a great way to get exercise and do something fun together as a couple. Getting some fresh air during a hike this Valentine’s day is a wonderful way to be healthy and promote better habits as a couple.

Finding a local pond, lake, or beach to walk around is a great activity to do with your special person. Being next to bodies of water is romantic and is a wonderful way to get closer to your significant other this Valentine’s Day.

If you own bikes, taking them for a ride with your lover is a great way to have some fun and get some exercise on Valentine’s Day. Renting bikes may be a completely affordable option as well!

Free concerts may be available in your area on this special day and are a great activity to attend together. Depending on your music preference, listening to some new jams with your partner on Valentine’s Day could be a fun and new activity for you both!

Activities at Home

 If you are on a budget and have to stay home this Valentine’s Day, make the normal night in a little more exciting. Playing cards or breaking out a board game is a relatively cheap way to have fun with a significant other.

If there is a specific game that you both enjoy, why not play it! Card games and magic tricks are always exciting with a significant other, so bust out that deck of cards this Valentine’s Day!

Drawing or painting with your significant other is another fun and entertaining activity that you can do in the comfort of your own home. It’s possible to find materials for fairly reasonable prices, so if you or your partner enjoys creating art, why not have a nice painting or drawing date at home!

Bust out the popcorn and soda and put a movie on! If you receive any streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, there are hundreds of movies to be chosen from for a great movie night date at home this Valentine’s Day! If you don’t have any streaming serves, you may be able to rent a movie for a reasonable price locally. A Redbox can be found in many local grocery and convenience stores.

If you’re looking for financially friendly options for dates this Valentine’s Day, try one of the above mentioned, or do them all!

Have a happy Valentine’s Day from us here at PCS Debt Relief!

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