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How Your Tax Refund Can Jumpstart Your Financial Recovery

Each year, as taxpayers, we receive a portion of what we are owed from federal and state tax refunds. This refund can help those in financial hardships recover quickly, as most refunds are deposited 21 days after you file your claim to the IRS. This refund can also serve as a bonus to repay yourself if you are ready to take a vacation or want to make a special purchase for yourself.

Your refund can be used to accelerate the completion of your debt settlement program, getting you closer to your financial goals in less time. Your refund may not be enough to cover all your unsecured debts; however, you can still gain peace of mind by settling a significant portion of your balance.

A lump sum settlement, or one-time payment, almost always yields better results to increases your savings. In addition to saving you money, a lump sum settlement will help improve your credit sooner. The faster the settlement is paid, the sooner the creditors are notified of the change.

In the (likely) event the tax refund you receive isn’t enough to completely settle all your debt, you can use it as an initial investment in your debt settlement program. This will buy you time to put your debt behind you sooner. To give an example, let’s say you were saving towards a 12-month debt settlement program by putting $400/month towards paying settlements. If your refund is $4,000 you would now have the equivalent of 10 months of funds. Your timeframe for financial freedom would be just two months away rather than 12 months out. We don’t think this a bad way to start off 2018! Regardless of how much you get receive from your federal and state tax returns, it is wise to use it towards your program. It will help you find relief from your burdensome debt more quickly.

Our credit advisors are ready to assist you in finding the right solution for anyone seeking financial freedom in the new year. With one phone call, we can determine the cost and timeframe of getting you out of debt in 2018. We are just a phone call away. Call us for a no obligation free consultation at 636-209- 4481.

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