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Share Your Feels, Keep Your Dollar Bills This Valentine’s Day

It’s the time of year for celebrating your most valued relationship! With a little planning ahead, you can tell your significant other ‘Be Mine’ without having to break the bank with our list of fun, money-wise date ideas:

Dine At Home

Valentine’s Day dinners at restaurants can be pretty pricey.  If you have your heart set on treating your love to a nice, romantic meal, you can always bring the experience of a fancy restaurant home.  If you’re not someone who can whip up a gourmet feast without help, there several dinner delivery services such as Blue Apron or Gobble that not only deliver the ingredients directly to your door, but also provide easy-to-follow directions to make it look like you’re a rock star in the kitchen.

Looking to keep it simple? Pizzas are easy on the pocket and a fun meal to enjoy with your Valentine! Making a pizza together can be turned into a laidback, romantic activity with a glass or two of wine. If you would rather just order a pizza, most pizza places should be able to create a heart-shaped one when requested!

Now it’s time to set the mood. Get out a tablecloth or find a clean sheet to drape over your table, find some candles for ambiance, and add a few flowers from the back yard for the final touch.  If the weather allows, this can be taken outside instead for a romantic picnic under the stars.

Experience Nature Together

Speaking of the outdoors, if you and your Valentine tend to steer towards a night of Netflix on the couch a bit too often, getting outside can help create a unique experience for your Valentine’s Day.

Hiking is a great way to explore together and promote a happy and healthy bond. Look online for recommendations of local trails to try and pick one that you’d both enjoy. There is usually something for every fitness level – and having an adventure with your sweetie will be a great memory to share.

If you’re not up for strenuous activity, going on a nice walk together to soak up the sun is another money-wise activity to share with your mate.  Who doesn’t love a romantic stroll on the beach?

Bond at Home

Show your Valentine how you can flip a normal night at home into something a little more exciting. Remind your partner of their younger days with a game of truth or dare. Bust out the cards or board games to show each other your competitive skills.

If your Valentine is more of the artistic type, give them the opportunity to create! An artistic partner will appreciate the chance to show you their skills. Crafting materials can be cheap. You can even try something new together like drawing, painting or creating a collage out of pictures of the two of you.

If you and your love are cinema fanatics, load up on cheap snacks and get cozy together with a movie. Try watching your partner’s favorite flick from their childhood and vice versa. You should be able to find your selection via streaming services like Netflix, or a Redbox at your local market.

Take a Photo

No important date is complete without a photo to mark the occasion. Hiring a photographer can be pricey, but we all have cell phones with excellent photographic capabilities these days, so put that phone of yours to good use.

Look for an appropriate backdrop in a well-lit area of your home or find a pretty location outside. Set the timer feature and place your phone on a countertop using something to prop it up. Or, if you are outside, try using the trunk of your car or some boxes for a place to set your phone and get the perfect shot. Don’t forget to smile!

Once you have just the right image of the two of you together, and you’ve shared it on social media, go one step further and commemorate your Valentine’s Day with your loved one by getting it printed. Photo prints can be inexpensive at your local pharmacy or market, and frames can be found for just a few dollars either online or in discount stores.

Remember that romantic gestures don’t have to cost a lot of money to make them count. With a little pre-planning and some creativity, you can have a special evening with your Valentine that they are sure to appreciate and remember for years to come. 

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