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Not-So-Scary Saving Tips

With Halloween just around the corner, the only spooky things you should be experiencing are from haunted houses and ghosts – not your finances. When trying to save money it can feel daunting to start in the midst of the excitement from a holiday. PCS Debt Relief shares some not-so-scary saving tips that individuals and businesses can start implementing during the fall season. We promise: we have no tricks and only treats!

How to Save on Halloween Costs

Before buying Halloween candy, determine how much you will need. Do you live on a busy block? Is your house known to get a lot of trick-or-treater traffic each year? Note that it is usually more cost-effective to buy in bulk.

When it comes to purchasing Halloween costumes, rummage through your closet first to see what you have from years past and if you can configure a costume based on the things you own. A little bit of creativity can go a long way. If you’re known for your crafty skills, then you may be able to make your own costume. When in doubt, ask family or friends before you hit the stores.

How Businesses Can Save Money

Fall and winter are expensive times of year with the holidays around the corner, especially for businesses. It is crucial for companies to be mindful of their spending during this time and take action to lower costs. For instance, be mindful of heating costs as the weather starts to change. When employees are sick and have to spend more time out of the office recovering than getting their work done, you not only fall behind on tasks but also create more costs for your business. Invest in your employees’ health and offer to cover their flu shots.

Plan for the next few months and decide which costs you can cut back on until the beginning of next year. Consider temporarily lowering your advertising budget or capitalize on your expertise. Speaking at an event or writing an article for a notable source are free options to garner more attention for your business. Save money on your existing plans or subscriptions by checking to see if any holiday deals or specials are available to save you money each month.

How People can Prepare for Fall Savings

Remembering to pay yourself first is an important action people often forget about. Some people just can’t afford it in dire financial situations but setting aside some of your hard-earned cash can help you in the long run. Deprivation can lead to overspending, which is why paying yourself is crucial. Setting aside some money for yourself does not mean you have to fork over the majority of your paycheck. $50 a month can make a large difference after just a few months.

Prepare for the holidays and pay attention to your monthly budget. What can you do to lower your costs until the end of the year? When you are more prepared and know what costs to expect, managing your personal finances and budget become much easier.

Do you need help restructuring your spending habits and developing a custom financial plan? PCS Debt Relief is here to assist you. We help consumers and businesses nationwide achieve their financial goals and become debt free. We are here to listen to your concerns and find a solution that is realistic for you. Call us today at (636) 209-4481.

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