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Best Tips for School Supply Shopping

It’s that time of year again! Back-to-school shopping is in full swing along with the potential to save money. The beginning of the school year can create financial burdens for families, so how do you maximize your savings this year and years to come? PCS Debt Relief reveals our best tips for school supply shopping and how you can spend less money.

Create a detailed list and update it.

Before you head to the store, create a list of the supplies you know your child or college student needs. Some elementary schools provide parents with a list of required school supplies. Update your list based on the items you already have. Preparation can save you hard-earned money and headaches when searching for supplies.

Ask friends, family, and coworkers for help.

Do your friends or family members have extra, unused school supplies sitting around the house? Ask them if they would be willing to share, so your child is prepared for the first day of school. Coworkers may also be of assistance when hunting for school supplies. We do not recommend stealing anything from work but politely asking your boss if there are any extra office supplies can help you cross more items off your list.

Visit different stores.

It may be easier to do all your shopping in one place, but it might not be the most cost effective. Find the best deals and sales online beforehand and also see if wholesale stores have items you can buy in bulk for more than one child. If you are only buying school supplies for one, then you could always team up with other parents to buy larger quantities and split the price.

Clean out the closet.

When we talk about school supplies, clothes seem to get dropped off the list. One of the current trends is to fund a new wardrobe with the money you make on last season’s clothes. Popular apps make it easy to do this and can lower the clothing bill quickly. Check through siblings’ closets and see if there any hand-me-down clothes to pass on to your younger children. Outlet malls and consignment stores are also a great place to find deals.

Stop by a garage sale.

You would be surprised by some of the items you can find at garage sales. Find local sales in your neighborhood to see if you can pick out some supplies. Chances are, the sellers could have old supplies in good condition that could save you money. For instance, calculators are known to be a costly expense for middle school students. Keep your eye out for higher priced items!

Have an end of summer party!

It may sound impractical to throw a party when you are trying to save money but stick with us on this one. Plan a get together with your friends who are parents and have kids starting school this fall. Ask everyone to bring their unused school supplies and do a swap! You don’t have to order food or decorate; potlucks are an inexpensive way for everyone to contribute. Plus, you get some free school supplies out of it.

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