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3 Ways to Lower Food Costs

Food costs are known to be one of the largest expenses in a household. Even though opting for faster options is easier, it is not always the smartest move for your budget. With solutions like online meal planning guides and delivery services gaining popularity, preparing your meals at home has become simple, fast, and affordable. PCS Debt Relief reveals 3 ways you can lower your food costs to save you time and money.

Meal Planning

Like most things in life, a little bit of preparation goes a long way. One of the most common reasons for eating out is impulse fueled by hunger. In actuality, it sometimes takes longer to order food instead of cooking it yourself. Think about it: by the time you determine the place you want to eat, get in your car, order your food, wait for the restaurant to prepare it, and then head home to eat it, you have already wasted at least 20 to 30 minutes that could have been spent cooking a healthier meal.

Technology has made it effortless to find recipes online, download free meal preparation guides, and search for an abundance of resources. Preparing your weekly meals can be as simple as writing down your meals for the week. You can also cook in larger quantities to save leftovers for the rest of the week.

Meal Delivery Services

If you are pressed for time and are not too savvy in the kitchen, then finding the right ingredients in the grocery store can be challenging. Getting your meals delivered to your door has gained popularity recently. Meal-kit delivery services send you the ingredients and instructions. All you have to do is follow them, instead of spending your money at restaurants.

If you consider grocery shopping to be a mundane task, then a meal-kit delivery service may be the solution that works for you. The service is not free, but it can be a money-saver when compared to dining out. You avoid gratuity costs and know exactly what is being put into your meal. Ultimately, your specific budget and needs are going to be a determining factor in the option that works best for you.

Healthier Options

Whether you choose to enroll in a delivery service or continue to shop at the grocery store, paying attention to the foods you buy is crucial. Sweets and junk food may appear inexpensive at first glance, but they add up over time, especially if they get eaten quickly and need to be replaced. The benefits of cooking your own food go beyond saving money. A meal cooked at home is likely to be a more nutritious option. Your body – and your wallet – will thank you!

Do you need help adjusting your budget or re-evaluating your spending habits? PCS Debt Relief can help. We understand that some of the largest impacts can be a result of small changes. Our advisors are ready to help you achieve financial success. Call us today at (636) 209-4481 for a free consultation.

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