Why Deal With Debt Collectors When We Can?

The Federal Trade Commission has introduced consumer protection laws to safeguard the people from the illegal collection practices. The rogue debt collectors pose as law officers or threaten the debtors to take legal action against them. These are some of the common tricks of the rogue debt collectors to retrieve the owed amount.

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So, the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act has been implemented and the Act compels the debt collectors to treat you in a fair way. You need to be aware of some basic rights like the debt collectors are not allowed to contact you before 8am and after 9pm, unless you give them permission. The debt collectors won’t contact you at your workplace if they’re aware that the employer disapproves. You can stop the collection agency to contact you if you send a cease of communication letter.

If the collection agency violates FDCP Act by misrepresenting the amount of debt, then you can take legal action against the collection agency. Your federal benefits like Social Security or retirement account (401k) is also secured from the debt collectors because they can’t legally claim them.

Here are some of the tricks that can help you tackle the debt collectors with ease:

  1. Know your rights: The collection agencies start illegitimate way of collecting debt from the debtors once they’re sure that the debt stricken consumers are unaware of the FDCP Act. If you’re not familiar with the consumer protection act, then it can be easier for the debt collector to retrieve the owed amount by threatening the debtor. The FDCP Act governs the debt collectors, so knowing some of your rights can help to tackle the debt collectors.

    When the collection agency contacts you, make sure you ask the name of the person contacting you. You need to find out who the credit card or other loan was originally with, the amount of the original debt and the date of the original debt. Before you start paying off the debt, make sure you demand for debt validation from the debt collectors.

  2. Stop the debt collectors from contacting you: You can stop the debt collectors from contacting you by sending certified cease and desist letter. The collection agency is bound to stop the collection activity once it receives this letter. You can immediately stop the rogue debt collectors from contacting you and put an end to the collection practices.
  3. Contact the collection agency to verify the number: Most of the collection agencies operate through a series of shell corporation and change their name, so that the debtors can’t track them. If you got a call from the rogue debt collector agency, then try to contact the number given by the collection agency. You can squeeze the name of the collection agency if you can get through the receptionist and try to trick him/her. Once you are aware of the name of the company, you can threaten to take action against it for violating any FDCP Act.
  4. Lodge online complaint: You can lodge online complaint with the FTC if you find any collection agencies violating the rule. You can check with the Better Business Bureau if any complaint has been lodged against the same collection agency. If more people share information and complaint online, then the FTC can take action against these companies immediately.

Therefore, you’re required to keep the above mentioned points in mind when you plan to tackle the rogue collection agencies.

But, if you dont feel comfortable dealing with the debt collectors, let the professionals at PCS Debt Relief deal and negotiate on your behalf. PCS Debt Relief can help you save up to 70% on your debt and if possible maybe even get your debt eliminated.

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