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Business Debt Restructuring

How We Help Consumers Find the Right Debt Solution

Clients We Have Helped

Client Name: Martha D.

Debt Amount: $75,000 Payoff Amount (including fees): $33,000

Savings: $45,000

Martha has had a difficult life full of emergency rooms, medications, doctors’ visits, and medical bills. Martha was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30. As a breast cancer survivor, she is now left with over $75,000 in medical bills that she can’t pay. Martha noticed every debt company was trying to sell her the same solution that did not fit her needs, so she came in for a free consultation with Personal Credit Solution where she received a variety of debt relief options.

“Personal Credit Solution really listened to my concerns. They were personable, friendly, and didn’t charge me a dime until my debt was reduced.”


Client Name: Al D.

Business Debt Amount: $140,000 Payoff (including PCS fees): $45,000

Savings: $95,000

Al had been struggling with years of built up credit card debt from his construction business. With creditors constantly making threatening phone calls to his home and business. Al felt utterly helpless and knew something had to be done. Before resorting to bankruptcy, Al did some research on different debt relief agencies before coming across Personal Credit Solution.

Personal Credit Solution used a very common form of financial relief for struggling businesses, debt settlement (negotiation). When dealing with debt negotiation a commercial debt relief agency is hired as the point of contact between the business and its lenders to restructure the business debt. By doing this, PCS was able to lower Al’s initial business debt of $140,000 to $45,000, including PCS’s fees.

“Personal Credit Solution was there for me every step of the way, even when I thought it could only get worse. PCS took the time to teach me about different debt relief programs so I had a better understanding of my options.”