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4 Concerns You May Have About Debt Settlement

There are usually 4 major concerns that our clients have about starting a debt settlement program.  This blog post addresses each of those concerns.  If you have any additional concerns or questions please don’t hesitate to discuss those with your credit card debt advisor.

How We Help Consumers Find the Right Debt Solution

Clients We Have Helped

Client Name: Martha D.

Debt Amount: $75,000 Payoff Amount (including fees): $33,000

Savings: $45,000

Martha has had a difficult life full of emergency rooms, medications, doctors’ visits, and medical bills. Martha was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30. As a breast cancer survivor, she is now left with over $75,000 in medical bills that she can’t pay. Martha noticed every debt company was trying to sell her the same solution that did not fit her needs, so she came in for a free consultation with Personal Credit Solution where she received a variety of debt relief options.

“Personal Credit Solution (PCS) really listened to my concerns. They were personable, friendly, and didn’t charge me a dime until my debt was reduced.”


Client Name: Robb A.

Debt Amount: $20,000 Payoff (including fees): $10,200

Savings: $9,800

Robb invested everything he had into a small business he started. After much positive feedback on how successful his business would be, the economy went downhill, and people were losing their jobs. Robb’s customers were no longer coming into his business spending money, but rather saving what little they had. After falling behind on his personal bills, Robb made the decision that he needed help. Upon researching many debt relief agencies, Robb came across Personal Credit Solution. PCS evaluated his current and future needs to determine the right plan in getting him out of debt.

“The staff was upfront and very professional. They provided me with samples of work done for previous clients and kept in touch with me on a regular basis.