Which is Better? Debt Relief or Bankruptcy?

Consumer debt is at an all-time high—resulting from student, debt, business debt, educational debt, medical debt, or unemployment. Overwhelming emotions arise from debt, the feeling of anxiety and hopelessness cause frantic behavior and choices. The urgency to have a clean slate causes rash decision making in regards to debt. Debtors must understand the difference between choosing debt relief or bankruptcy.

One of the biggest issues with bankruptcy is that most lawyers suggest it as the solution before listing the other alternatives. Bankruptcy should never be the first option to your debt relief. For a debtor bankruptcy means embarrassment and creates a higher difficulty obtaining credit in the future.

At PCS Debt Relief, our debt analyst will walk you through the alternatives to bankruptcy and would only recommend bankruptcy if that is the most feasible option for the debtor. If bankruptcy happens to be the best solution for our client we will recommend a trusted bankruptcy lawyer. The most trusted debt relief agency in the industry only works with the most reputable and trusted lawyers.

PCS Debt Relief would send you to the top lawyers in the St. Louis area. Resulting with no consulting fees for our assistance in sending you to a bankruptcy lawyer. However, that is never the first and only option. Our team of highly educated debt analyst research on your behalf; we are here to ensure you receive the best services for your financial debt whether it is business, medical or personal debt. Debt analysis at PCS Debt Relief will list the other alternatives to bankruptcy such as: debt settlement, debt negotiations, debt consolidation, debt restructuring.

Debt settlements, also know as debt arbitration, debt negotiation or credit settlement is an approach to debt reduction. Debt negotiations can allow the debtor time to build up finances, so that when the time comes for them to start paying back debt, there will be a fund. Most lenders are willing to negotiate, to ensure they will receive a partial amount of the debt, rather than lose it when the debtor files bankruptcy. With debt restructuring the debtor is allowed to reduce or renegotiate to restore finances.

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Debt relief is a less expensive alternative to bankruptcy. Debt consolidation is helpful if the you are allowed to lend money from one source at a low rate of interest, which allows you to repay a loan at a higher interest rate. It allows for a faster repayment of your debt. These alternatives can save you money and anxiety by understanding if you should choose debt relief or bankruptcy.

Let the most trusted debt relief agency in St. Louis and the surrounding areas help you be the judge of which alternative fits your situation the best rather it be debt relief or bankruptcy. Our debt and financial analyst believe that you, the debtor, need a clean slate. We want to help you start over, clear you debt and start rebuilding your financial future. Here at PCS Debt Relief Agency, you are not just another debt case; you are client that we want to see reach debt recovery. Don’t let embarrassment stand in the way of you contacting us. Call for your debt and credit advice today at 636.209.4481 We can help you understand all your options when it comes to debt relief or bankruptcy.

PCS Debt Relief is not a law firm, and does not provide legal counseling. If PCS believes bankruptcy may be the best solution for you after analyzing your situation, your debt analyst will refer you to an attorney to receive legal counseling.

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