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PCS Credit Card Debt SettlementHow Much Can You Reduce Your Credit Card Debt?

The amount of debt reduction is dependent on:

  • the amount of debt
  • the number of credit cards
  • the creditors involved and their willingness to negotiate
  • the amount of money available to pay off a portion of the debt.

We have a successful track record of reducing credit card debt for our clients.  We have worked with clients across the country, with many different creditors, and know how to negotiate to get the best results.

Here is a sample list of clients who have benefited from our credit card debt reduction programs.  Click on the name of the creditor to read the settlement letter.

Negotiations Completed for Past Clients (for a single credit card)

Name of Creditor Debt Amount Settlement Amount Savings Savings Percent
Bank of America 10,854.66 2,720.00 8,134.66 75%
Bank of America 22,995.21 3,449.28 19,545.93 85%
Chase 14,436.00 4,043.00 10,393.00 72%
Citi Bank 9,531.00 2,382.92 7,148.08 75%
American Express 9,167.46 4,583.73 4,583.73 50%
Discover 9,167.46 4,583.73 4,583.73 50%
Wells Fargo 4,060.03 1,400.00 2,660.03 66%

Estimates are based on past results and individual results may vary, including the ability to save sufficient funds to complete your program, the creditors in your individual portfolio, and underwriting guidelines. Examples of statements made of past performance, which are not intended to be a guarantee of any future settlement results.

Client Examples of Debt Reduction

Client Name: Diane P.

Debt Amount: $75,000

Savings: $45,000

Payoff (including fees): $33,000

After going through a rough divorce, Diane became unemployed for a year. While unemployed, she was forced to use her credit cards to cover her monthly expenses. After finding a new job she found it difficult to pay off her high interest rate credit cards. She consulted with a PCS debt analyst, who after analyzing Diane’s situation and goals, was able to tailor a program that would resolve her credit card debt in 14 months. Diane no longer has any credit card debt and is able to save more each month for her family and retirement.

“PCS Debt Relief really listened to my concerns. They were personable, friendly, and didn’t charge me a dime until my debt was reduced.”


Client Name: Al D.

Business Debt Amount: $140,000

Payoff (including PCS fees): $45,000

Savings: $95,000

Al had been struggling with years of built up credit card debt from his construction business. With creditors constantly making threatening phone calls to his home and business. Al felt utterly helpless and knew something had to be done. Before resorting to bankruptcy, Al did some research on different debt relief agencies before coming across Personal Credit Solution.

PCS used a very common form of financial relief for struggling businesses, debt settlement (negotiation). When dealing with debt negotiation a commercial debt relief agency is hired as the point of contact between the business and its lenders to restructure the business debt. By doing this, PCS was able to lower Al’s initial business debt of $140,000 to $45,000, including PCS’s fees.

“Personal Credit Solution was there for me every step of the way, even when I thought it could only get worse. PCS took the time to teach me about different debt relief programs so I had a better understanding of my options.”

Ready to See What Your Credit Card Debt Reduction Could Be?

We are ready to help you find out!  Our Free Debt Advice Session will give you an idea of how much your credit card debt can be reduced.

AND, if you use our services you will not pay any fees until we have successfully negotiated a reduction.  We basically don’t get paid until we deliver on our promise to you!

Key Benefits of the PCS Debt Relief Credit Card Debt Settlement Program:

  • No upfront or monthly fees – we get paid after you get debt relief
  • No early cancellation penalties
  • No forced escrow
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Ability to get out of debt faster
  • BBB A+ Rating (see our reviews) and 30 years of experience

What Are The Fees?

PCS Debt Relief fees are based on how much we reduce your debt, not how much debt you have.  For example, if you have $20,000 in debt and we reduce that debt by $12,000, our fees are calculated based on the $12,000 not the $20,000.     We don’t charge any upfront fees or monthly fees, and only collect once a credit card account is settled and finalized.  Our fee is contingent on finalizing a deal, and performance based, so you save as much as possible.

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