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What sets PCS Debt Relief apart:

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  • BBB A+ Accreditation
  • Free Debt Advice

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Debt Advice is Free with PCS Debt Relief

During an era of high unemployment rate and a terrible economy, the issue of debt continues to escalate along with the increase of debt relief agency fraud. Blindly many individuals place their trust into unaccredited debt relief companies to handle their consumer or business debt. Finding themselves spiraling further into the tunnel of despair and debt, becoming a victim to a group of sales agents with access to their accounts and personal information. Unfortunately, there are many con artist and scams that title themselves debt relief agencies; when in reality they are a staff of salesmen prying on the misfortune of those in debt.

Debt Advice is Free We understand when you are under an excessive amount of financial pressure; you are vulnerable and apt to find a fast solution to your situation. Be cautious and aware of the criminal activities that occur while being vulnerable. Many debt relief agencies are predators, scamming to fill their pockets. Don’t allow yourself to make a haste financial decision in regards to your savings and livelihood. Fright can drive us to make a choice without being aware of the risk that lay ahead. Education is the key to avoiding the fraud that resigns at false debt relief agencies and thats why PCS Debt Relief offers free debt advice for anyone.

Debt settlement scams and debt consolidation scams are two of the key factors that enable false debt agencies to increase their revenue, while those in debt see their bank account dwindle. Debt settlement scams involve the third party (debt advisors) to negotiate with your creditors and collectors to lower your overall debt. This is where the term escrow comes into play, fragility debt agencies advice the debtor to start paying the debt settlement company a set monthly fee instead of paying their debts. In return, you lose your money to sales agents and have the debt collectors harassing you via mail and telephone for their payments.

Be cautious of debt consolidation scams, when developed by trusted, accredited debt relief agencies debt consolidation can be a truly legitimate process. However, many devious debt agencies have hidden fees, increasing interest rates, or balloon payments. If they do not offer free debt advice, then you know they can’t be trusted.

But with PCS Debt Relief, the most trusted and reputable debt relief agency in the industry, you will never have to worry about the issues listed above, upfront costs, fees, monthly charges or consulting fees like most debt relief agencies. We want to be your financial guide through the process of credit and debt recovery.

We pride ourselves on having the most trusted debt relief agency in the industry. We are not an office with a sales team; the mission is to incorporate the client in the process of debt recovery. Here at PCS Debt Relief, we thrive on educating each client to the road to recovery with free debt advice.

Our very own local news station, KSDK in St. Louis covered a report on our business, where one of our debt analyst’s from the Ellisville, Missouri office spoke of the importance of being aware of your credit score, debt and if your name is linked to poor or low credit that is not your own.

Watch the Segment Below:

The our team wants to help you understand the myths and truths behind your credit score and debt. Please, do yourself a favor and schedule a free debt consultation where we can better educate you in the process of understanding your financial well-being.

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