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Credit Card Debt Settlement Gets You Out of Debt Fast.

Credit card debt settlement focuses on negotiating with the credit card companies to accept less than the total amount of debt owed.  Payment is made for a portion of the credit card debt in return for forgiving the remainder of the debt.  Typically our clients see credit card debt reductions from 40-70%.  Each clients situation is different – our analysts can assist you to find out what your savings potential could be.

Drastically Reduce Your Credit Card Debt

Here are a few examples of how much credit card debt we eliminated for some of our California clients who had over $30,000 in credit card debt.  Our clients eliminate their credit card debt within 6-24 months!

Michael A. saved……… $44,892

Chris L. saved………….$131,603

Carrie L saved…………..$58,558

John C. saved……………$49,143

Gina K. saved……………$34,733

Key Benefits of the PCS Credit Card Debt Relief Program:

  • No upfront or monthly fees – we get paid after you get debt relief
  • No early cancellation penalties
  • No forced escrow
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Ability to get out of debt fast
  • We negotiate with your credit card companies on your behalf

 See What Our Clients Have Said

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Negotiating a good settlement requires working with a debt relief company that is experienced with debt settlement negotiations and has a strong track record of success.  We have over 30 Years of Experience!

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