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Should You Use Savings to Pay Off Debt?

Financial crises! 

John is mired in a truly bad month.  He needs an emergency root canal and his transmission is slipping badly.  His landlord just decided to sell so he needs a moving company quickly and he received a pink slip yesterday when his company was purchased.  His daughter is short on tuition money for next semester and his wife just filed for divorce after running up his credit card balances to their limits of […]

  • Debt Help In St. Louis, MO

Who To Go To For Debt Help In St. Louis, MO

Debt Help In St. Louis, MO

When it comes to being in debt, it is imperative not to feel like you have to take on creditors alone. If you need debt help in St. Louis, MO , the simple fact that a second pair of eyes is reading all statements and helping you take on creditors can make all the difference for some; giving a sense of renewed confidence in the fact things will get better. […]

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The State of Missouri and Joining Debt Programs instead of Filing Bankruptcy.

What Does Missouri Think of Joining Debt Programs versus bankruptcy?

How much do you know about your state’s views on joining debt programs versus bankruptcy? The federal law governs the vast majority of bankruptcy cases and laws; however, each state has their own specific information and rules that need to be followed when filing your bankruptcy claim.

The state of Missouri believes that bankruptcy should be the last result to your financial […]

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  • Debt Relief or Bankruptcy

Choosing Between Debt Relief or Bankruptcy

Which is Better? Debt Relief or Bankruptcy?

Consumer debt is at an all-time high—resulting from student, debt, business debt, educational debt, medical debt, or unemployment. Overwhelming emotions arise from debt, the feeling of anxiety and hopelessness cause frantic behavior and choices. The urgency to have a clean slate causes rash decision making in regards to debt. Debtors must understand the difference between choosing debt relief or bankruptcy.

One of the biggest […]

  • St. Louis Debt Settlement

St. Louis, Missouri Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement in St. Louis, Missouri

If you are currently living in or around the St. Louis area and have been seeking out a debt settlement company but are skeptical due to many scam companies, keep reading.

Many popular national debt settlement agencies are infamous for advertising on radios, billboards, and television that they can wipe out your debt over night. These companies also claim that they can instantly save you a minimum of 70% on all […]

  • Effective Debt Relief

St. Louis Services – Effective Debt Relief is Available

How Effective is Debt Relief?

Millions of Americans are struggling to make minimum payments on their debt and looking for a way out of debt and back to financial stability. Below I have provided a variety of different programs available to help address some these concerns. First, make sure to properly evaluate each program when deciding which is best for you, not all programs may be a good fit. Listed below are some possible debt resolution […]

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