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Negotiations Completed for Past Clients

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Name of Creditor Debt Amount Settlement Amount Savings Savings Percent
Bank of America 10,854.66 2,720.00 8,134.66 75%
Bank of America 22,995.21 3,449.28 19,545.93 85%
Chase 14,436.00 4,043.00 10,393.00 72%
Citi Bank 9,531.00 2,382.92 7,148.08 75%
American Express 9,167.46 4,583.73 4,583.73 50%
Discover 11,013.00 4200.00 6813.00 62%
Wells Fargo 4,060.03 1,400.00 2,660.03 66%

We are The Industry Leader in Debt Relief

With over 30 years of combined experience and a leader in the debt relief services industry, PCS Debt Relief believes not one solution is tailored for everyone. By providing numerous debt management options under one roof, our clients have the opportunity to explore and understand all the solutions. At PCS Debt Relief, our programs are designed to the client’s specific financial needs. One key factor that sets us apart from our competitors is our clients see relief, before any payment is received for our debt relief services. Our NO UP-FRONT FEE policy ensures our client’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also do not charge any monthly fees or any cancellation fees. We want the client to feel comfortable during the whole process that’s why we allow them to participate every step of the way.

PCS Debt Relief offers Consumer Debt Relief Services, Business Debt Relief Services and Credit Restoration Services. We will go over all your options that we see fit for your personal financial needs and walk through the steps with you to help you understand exactly what we are doing. If you are not understanding the process and you have any questions, please feel free to call us at any time or see our Frequently Asked Questions page. We are here to help you every step of the way. We want our clients to feel comfortable with our debt relief services process and are here to answer all your questions. And if you decide to join one of our programs, you are not obligated or committed to anything, you are free to cancel your program with no penalties. Our approach is to allow you to handle your own funds with no up-front costs, no monthly fees and no early cancellation fees with unlimited advising sessions whether its over the phone or stopping by the office.Estimates are based on past results and individual results may vary, including the ability to save sufficient funds to complete your program, the creditors in your individual portfolio, and underwriting guidelines. Examples of statements made of past performance, which are not intended to be a guarantee of any future settlement results. When you contact PCS Debt Relief we will attempt to understand your situation and determine whether you are qualified for our debt resolution programs.